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DarkVision Spring Reverb and Fuzz

  • DarkVision Spring Reverb and Fuzz
  • DarkVision Spring Reverb and Fuzz
  • DarkVision Spring Reverb and Fuzz
  • DarkVision Spring Reverb and Fuzz
  • DarkVision Spring Reverb and Fuzz

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Limited to first edition of 10 units produced.

Hand painted blush pink enclosure, screen printed blood red Artwork by Psensibil.

Mix Controls amount of reverb in signal
Decay Controls the length of the reverb decay
Dwell Harmonic generation control provides the upper frequencies of the reverb trails back through to produce a more harmonic (ringing) reverb
Length Switch changes character of decay; Up for longer trails

Level Controls fuzz output level
Tone Pan between a bass boost and treble boost; Center position at 12:00 is neutral
Sustain Controls the amount of gain from the op amp that is fed through the clipping stage. This affects the overall sustain of the circuit.
Tone Cut Switch allows you to completely bypass the tone section of the circuit, replacing it with a fixed R-C filter. When active in the up position, it causes the tone knob to have no effect. It also increases the volume of the circuit by 6-7 dB.

Tone Control
An internal trimmer provides tonal control for the reverberated signal. Fully counterclockwise permits more low end to pass through for a fuller reverberated tone and all the way clockwise creates a brighter reverb. Pedals are shipped at a center position. Effect of this control is very subtle.

FX Loop
The FX loop allows you to add another chain of effects between the fuzz and reverb, essentially splitting them into two separate units. Run the Send to the input of another effect or chain of effects and run the out of that chain to the Return to route effects between the fuzz and reverb.

For those who want more to explore... you can create explosive reverb feedback tails by routing the reverb before the fuzz. To do this, plug your guitar into the Return, plug your amp into the Send, and run a cable between the Input and Output. Unconventional placement often makes for inspiring sounds. Just fucking try it.

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