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The Cerebral Specter is an analog delay pedal that opens the door to a textural range of repeats from chirping slapback to haunting, rhythmic echoes. Expression control unlocks the pedal’s time-bending capabilities and a dedicated feedback footswitch places the power of self-oscillation a quick stomp away.

A figment of one's imagination, the Cerebral Specter is the ghost that materializes as our brains fill in the gaps- often with unsettling results. Be it sights, sounds or an unwelcome presence, the looming cycles our mind’s eye creates can be as intriguing as they are dizzying. Unravel the threads of reality hidden amongst your sonic fever dream as you decipher what is somehow more than a pedal in the chain.

Blend controls the level of delayed signal.

Repeat adjusts the number of repeats.

Time sets delay time (25-600ms). Time control is inverted (low is slow).

Bypass switch will turn the effect on and off with silent, soft-touch footswitch.

Feedback switch momentarily maxes Repeat setting, hold down for self-oscillation.

Time Warp: The use of an expression pedal allows you to manipulate the delay time from 25ms-400ms with the heel down (control reversed to toe down on black& white models) position producing the slowest time. An expression pedal with a 50k ohm resistance, such as the Moog EP-3, is recommended. Expression pedals with a resistance lower than 50k will limit the available time range.

This hardware requires a standard 9V power supply with positive sleeve and negative tip.

Available in new Black & White standard color way.

Each purchase includes: Signed and numbered product box containing (1) Cerebral Specter analog delay pedal (signed and numbered internally with serial stamped externally), (1) Screen-printed pedal pouch, (1) Haggtronix authenticity card, (1) User Guide card, (1) Cerebral Specter art sticker, (1) Haggtronix sticker, (1) Haggtronix guitar pick, (1) Psensibil sticker.

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