• Seer

It’s a fuzz! It’s a delay! It’s Fuzz&Delay. Introducing the creature called the ‘Seer’ ripped from the tomb of the Dance Macabre Noise Box comes the extra thick gated one knob no apologies FUZZ that’ll bring back riffs you didn’t know you remembered. The DELAY goes from (25ms-450ms) a standard slap echo to a nice cavern like repeat that’s great for leads or rhythmic playing. The MIX controls the amount of delay/clean guitar ratio from no delay in signal to all delay signal. The REPEATS controls the number of repeats from one repeat to the point of oscillation. The FEEDBACK switch is a momentary switch that allows the repeats go into self oscillation to add sharp bursts of alarm like vintage UFO sounds or a slow build and long wash like a swell depending what the TIME is set being slow or fast. The DEGRADE knob set all the way counter clockwise is OFF. As you slowly turn up the DEGRADE you’ll notice the REPEATS going slightly out of tune down to a nearly drunken wobble with faster time settings. This control is very sensitive and interacts with the TIME control. Go too far and it will stop DELAY sounds completely and as you wind DEGRADE back you’ll hear it slip back into the signal. Art by the talented Jake Snoddy of Golden Yeti in Franklin, TN.